Saturday, August 21, 2010

Andrei The Zealots want to control the conversation

What does the Government do when a Government funded study contradicts Liberal memes?

They suppress it.

From a critic of the suppression
"If we are truly interested in learning how to prevent two critical epidemics currently devastating our country (out-of-wedlock child bearing and sexually transmitted infections), then the nationally representative findings provide momentum and support for accessing cultural values of parents and children which promote optimal health choices for adolescents."
A point obvious to everyone except Liberals it seems but they are hell bent on imposing their morality on everybody else.

A morality that says anything goes provided you wear a condom.

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Anonymous said...

Andrei, how about drawing a deep breath and looking at what, if anything, has been suppressed?

Was it a scientific study definitevly proving abstinence is best? Did it proove beyond doubt that abstaining from sex is a good thing?

No. It was simply a survey of parental attitudes,an opinion poll, if you like.

From your source - "The taxpayer-supported survey from 2008 found that around 70 percent of parents and their teenagers believed that teens should wait until marriage to have sex." That is all. A belief. A desire. A want. Nothing more, nothing less. So why the fuss?

And what has teenage abstinence to do with "out of wedlock child bearing"? Two of my three grandchildren are "out of wedlock" and yet their parents were well beyond teen years when they decided to have children.

Are you harking back to an earlier time, perhaps, when everyone did as you did and there was a lot less freedom?

Seems tome you are the one wanting to impose your morality on everybody else.

A morality that says anything goes provided you wear a cross.

ZenTiger said...

Your flippant comment doesn't work turned about like that, because "anything" most certainly does not go with Christians, and that is the very point you usually wail about.

Anonymous said...

You're right, of course, Zen.I should ahve been more specific and added and confess. There, happy now?

bruddah said...

The problem as I see it LRO is that schools and government agencies tend to be significantly to the left of working families, and promote values that often antagonise parents. That's why the left is losing relevance

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