Saturday, August 7, 2010

Andrei On cheap bikes and tacky TV

Many years ago a little girl, my eldest daughter wanted a bike.

So for her birthday we went to the bike shop to get her one.

Her eyes fastened on a cheap thing with lots of plastic and ribbons dangling from the handle bars.

But her father, being me, wise in the ways of the world, saw through the rubbish dressed up with ribbons and bought her a bike of more solid construction.

And after my daughter had outgrown her bike, her sister, then her brother and finally her youngest sister all made use of it. And from there it went to another little girl in another family after which I lost contact with it.

Now read on

Tacky, that is the only word for Pam Corkery's latest endeavor - a reality show where males are recruited to work in a brothel serving women.

We live in a highly sexualized society, sexualized to the point of obsession and it's grotesque.

One of the achievements of our cultural elite is to have broken the link between reproduction and sex. Indeed the concept of the nuclear family the bedrock of our economic and spiritual wellbeing is to all intents and purposes a quaint archaism.

Just watch one night of TV if you doubt this.

If I didn't have kids I probably wouldn't care but I have four and in world where a person is almost entirely defined by their "sexuality" and how they implement it I fear for their future happiness.

Because when it comes down to it long term human happiness is reliant on good interpersonal relationships which involve a great deal more than a few sweaty minutes of meaningless coitus.

It's like that cheap bike dressed up to attract attention but to all intents and purposes junk.

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Lucia Maria said...

That's a really apt comparison, Andrei.

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