Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Andrei My aren't we sensitive little petals

A kid on his way to a school play rehearsal in costume was stopped by police and will be talked to by youth aid because of two "guns", that would be theatrical props, in his possession.

The wooden guns were confiscated and wont be returned.

But the show will go on.

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ZenTiger said...

Protocol dictates that he carry such weapons in a guitar case, or have them firmly strapped to his horse.

I am sure that Police would have returned them normally, but now that they will likely be able to carry guns themselves, they no doubt wanted to wave these around on the next car chase.

Melva said...

a cowboy toting an imitation AK47... that's not very authentic.

Understandable that they would be confiscated in this socially liberal time when murders are so high because everyone can do whatever they like (except carry imitation guns) and everybody is freaking out that they might get violently murdered by one of our marauding youth who have lost any sense of boundaries and moral decency ;)


Melva said...
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Murray said...

Once upon a time all young males took part in weekly cadet training at school and all were assigned a Lee-Enfield.

they frquently took them home with them on the public buses.

No one batted and eyelid and we also had the lowest incidence of armed offences, violent and youth crime in our history.

We've gone beyond soft and moved into suicidal.

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