Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lucia Revolting Pro-choice Baby Tee-Shirt

What are the chances that the baby that gets to wear this cutsie outfit has a mother that has killed some of his or her brothers and sisters because they weren't wanted?

How revolting.

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Anonymous said...

"What are the chances ..."

Obviously, you don't know, or you would have told us.

"Hatched by choice" has no referrence at all to your bete noir, abortion. There are many ways of controlling fertility that do not require abortion. Why, even Catholics practice most, if not all, of them.

Ciaron said...

Left right out,

from the front page of the site emblazoned on the outfit:

Hersey Abortion Assistance Fund. The Fund runs a hotline (Toll Free: 1-888-439-0124) that provides no-interest loans, grants, and resources to teens and women who choose abortion but are unable to afford one. If you need help paying for your abortion

so, LRO, why don't you just FRO?

Anonymous said...

I just find it so upsetting to see that item of baby clothes. I just don't understand why anyone would put their child into those clothes.

It just breaks my heart.

How many little babies are killed because they weren't wanted? All babies are blessings, not just some. These clothes make me despair for our society and for the loss of goodness and hope that I see.

Andrei said...

If you follow the links on the original post there is something even more repellent.

I can understand but not agree with people who accept abortions as an evil necessity, what I don't get is people who devote their lives to promoting it!

Seán said...

In this linked case below a 12yo was asked to remove a anti-abortion t-shirt from a Californian school. They agreed to pay her US$50K after the lawsuit arrived:Calif School Settles Suit With Anti-Abortion Girl

But is 12 old enough for a person to have a self-formed opinion on this topic, or was she being used by her parents to promote their side of the debate?

I will give benefit of the doubt at 12. I am pretty sure I knew everything at that age ;)
10 would be too young for this sort of thing though, even if that's 10 years older than the wearer of the clothing item referred to in this blog post.

Lucia Maria said...


I have a 9 year old who knows that killing babies is wrong.

It's not so much what is old enough to express an opinion on this (because a 4 year old will also tell you the same thing), but moreso how old should a child be before you tell them about abortion.

Anonymous said...

Sean, what's your point? Free speech is pretty much not permitted in any school.

Lucyna, in answer to your question, how old should a child be before you tell them about sex, contraceptioon and the truth about Jesus Claus?

Ciaron said...

Left(his brain)rightout,

in answer to your question, how old should a child be......

that is anything but an answer.

Seán said...

Lucyna - maybe so, but you know that the issue is somewhat more complex than that. I was trying to ascertain the age where one understands the complexities and can form an opinion.

Seán said...

...and I certainly wouldn't send my 9 year old to school with this t-shirt on mufti day. This issue can wait for them, I'll find my own ways to make my point.

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