Friday, August 6, 2010

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

Good evening one and all. Have to rush off and sort dinner. No time to write about the events of the week right now, and so many topics as usual, but the world keeps turning. For most people. Some didn't make it through the week; a Kiwi down in Afghanistan, Hone possibly doing DNA tests on visitors, Amnesty collectors out in force today, Hiroshima day passes us by. Chris Carter can be docked $50 pay per week for doing no work (leaving $2750 a week to scrape by on), a couple of interesting movies out I haven't had a chance to see, something to do with Gillard, Rudd and Australian politics, kindle coming to NZ but I'm using Stanza and my iPhone all the time, iPad looking more and more enticing every day, birthday dinner in the wind (but not mine), my epic Fence construction still in progress (but going well), inappropriate use of the word inappropriate, and a million other things no doubt.

Maybe after Pizza.

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Andrei said...

Evening all on the Feast of the Ascension.

Shem Banbury said...

Evening all. Zen I played on a ipad the other day for a couple of hours. Great fun and excellent toy but as I have nothing else APPLE.

scrubone said...

Good to get my consumer this afternoon, with a review of portable HDD's.

Especially since I purchased one this morning!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi all.

It's been a bit of an inactive week for me. I had a bit of blood loss last week, so have been beset with migraines and flashy vision on and off all week. It's made it hard to do too much. I had a nap this afternoon, and that's livened me up a little.

Looks like besides more iron, I need more Vit A to prevent it from happening again. It's cod liver oil tablets for me. Joy.

scrubone said...

I've never been a fan of Apple products (having my own religious preferences) but I have to say that I'm quite taken by their sub-computer devices. It's a market that just fits them and they do very well.

I.M Fletcher said...

Hey all.

srubone, I've had an iPhone 3G for a while, and only just got the nerve to jailbreak it. Was quite easy, actually. Now (using your phone browser) you can just head along to and the whole thing is done online with just a swipe of the button. It detects the OS and everything.

Now I can install programs that Apple won't let me, like one that allows me to use my portable wi-fi keyboard with the iPhone. I was a bit annoyed when I found that wi-fi keyboards wouldn't work with the iPhone to begin with, then incensed when Apple released iOS4 which supported wi-fi keyboards BUT ONLY for 3GS models and upward (which left mine out). They could quite easily have added that function to the 3G model but I suppose they wanted people to upgrade. But anyway - I have it working now, thanks to a little program called BT Stack.

(Yes, I know, I'm just venting a little bit, but I had to somewhere :)

Don the Kiwi said...


Its the feast of the Transfiguration. Or do Orthodox have a different calendar.

mojo said...

Evening ... aha.

Don the Kiwi said...

I don't believe it. After months of trying, I actually get to post a comment here.
You must have altered something - it was almost impossible to comment a few months ago.

Andrei said...

Don; Of course it is the Transfiguration I'm a numbskull - its been a long week.

As for the Calendar yes we do, and while other denominations might argue about Gay Sex we argue about the Calendar
The choices are Gregorian only used in Finland

Reformed Julian called the New Calendar

Julian or Old Calendar used in Russia

scrubone said...

With mobile devices (those without separate keyboards etc) you have to focus on what the device is for. I don't like the way that so much on the Apple computers are hidden away (and no right mouse button) but that design bent become a great asset in the mobile market.

scrubone said...

Anyone else using a gmail address and have an influx of spam?

I checked mine the other day and there were about 150 - usually a lot less than that.

I.M Fletcher said...

srubone, actually the modern Apple computers do have a right mouse button. I had to use a Mac for study last year and I didn't think they did either, but I was wrong. I even brought my own mouse from home (because I liked the feel better) and it worked, no problem.

What I dislike about Apple is the control they exert over what you can and cannot do with their products. Before I got my iPhone I had a Nokia N95, and before that a Sony and you can pretty much do anything you want with them as far as uploading stuff and using bluetooth in whatever way you can. Apple is very locked down, in that everything must go through the iTunes store. It would be like Microsoft saying that every Windows program has to be OK'd by them first.

homepaddock said...

Evening all.

Passing quickly over technological discussion in which I"m lost - I don't use a gmail account but spam is fairly constant with Xtra & Orcon.

scrubone said...

To me, that control is part of the appeal (to other people!). You're guaranteed a quality product.

I find our iPod quite configurable for what it does, but for a computer I want to do what I like thank you very much.

Shem Banbury said...

Scrubone - no much spam with gmail but heaps with Wordpress. Perhaps it is because my site is back up but I am getting about 15-20 a day.

ZenTiger said...

Enter, stage left.

Is that spam the stuff getting through a spam filter Ozy? The one I installed at FFM's blog seems reasonably good.

Good to see you made it on Don!

I've read the youngest a story, had a good chat with my sister and now off to help with kitchen duties.

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