Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucia GayNZ has requested that we remove some of their content from our site


The July 31st posting in this blog of copyrighted material authored by Craig Young and published by GayNZ.com contravenes New Zealand copyright laws.

It has been re-printed here in full without permission from either its legal author or its publisher. No permission to reproduce it in this manner and on this blog site was sought. None would have been given.

GayNZ.com asks that your respect the intellectual property of another author and that this verbatim entry be deleted immediately, without our having to resort to other measures.

Jay Bennie

This is quite a heavy handed reaction to a simple copy and paste as a blog comment. The text in question Road to Nowhere by Craig Young discusses Chris Carter and what is considered an "unjustified attack" on Phil Goff. Craig believes that Carter ought to be expelled from the Labour caucus.

But I don't think that is the part that is controversial. What I think GayNZ doesn't want the wider public to notice is the part where other gay MPs have been promoted, thus proving that Chris Carter's demotion was not homophobia.

Will I get attacked by a feather boa (thanks KG for that image!) if I post the following?

Accordingly, his initial demotion was justified on that basis and was not attributable to homophobia. Moreover, Phil Goff took the opportunity to promote capable lesbian and gay Labour MPs like Maryan Street, Charles Chauvel and Grant Robertson in the wake of that event, so clearly the Labour Party is still the same inclusive centre-left party that it was under Helen Clark's leadership. It is also still our best hope for eventual adoption and marriage law reform. Phil Goff is clearly no homophobe himself.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You naughty things, you!


You should be flattered by their attention.
It just confirms your diverse readership.
Imagine NZ Conservative and GayNZ driving traffic to each others' website :)
Speaking legally though, they like any other website, might have a point.
A link and a few pars is usually safe.
I am sure there is someone out there who can confirm the legalities.

Lucia Maria said...

LOL, Adolf!

FFM, they do have a point. The only time I would get annoyed about someone lifting our content, would be if it stopped traffic to our site. But in this case, our traffic really doesn't intersect much - except in a general, check out what the enemy is doing sense.

And I call them the enemy because of their politics - not for any other reason. I'm sure they see us the same way.

scrubone said...

I seem to be missing something...

Lucia Maria said...

Scrubone, see this post. All I did was grab the text from GayNZ and plonk it in as a comment. It was lazy on my part, but then that day I was having trouble seeing stuff & writing in general due to my migraine. I did reference it with a direct click through link (as I normally do when I copy text), so it wasn't like I was trying to "steal it".

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