Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andrei The Goddess Rosary and Post Christianity

At first glance they look like Catholic rosary beads but on closer examination there is another object where the Crucifix should be.

You might think this was an object for wiccan worship but no, it can be sourced from a liberal parish of a liberal Christian denomination.

A denomination which in times past would have rejected the Rosary and the prayers prayed with its assistance, well still do actually.

But if you follow the link you can see examples of what might be prayed with this - and they seem to be pagan re-workings of the traditional prayers, which in itself is an interesting phenomenon.

Why introduce a distortion of Catholic Worship onto a distortion of Lutheranism?

We live in the post Christian age but those of us who remain true to the Faith must stick to the basics. The Gospel and The Sacraments while resisting at all costs innovations like priestesses.

Because that road leads to empty Churches and paganism as is fairly obvious from what has occurred over the past thirty years to so called "mainstream" denominations.

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Lucia Maria said...

Oh my! That's just awful!


Chris said...


It ain't just Catholics and Orthodox who think this way. This Presbyterian agrees with you, particularly around female leadership.

Now, I don't hold with Eucharistic theology. To me the bread and wine are symbolic. (This is not a new position. Calvin took it). Which removes preisthood from the equation. (If you beleive in the Eucharist then the person offering the sacrifice has to be male, for he represents Christ).

Nor am I against women leading women. Needed. In pastoral care, needed. But, my experience of female leadership is that it is a disaster for men. The Western Church is too feminised anyway, and not confrontational enough. Removing men from this service makes it much, much worse.

And the Goddess stuff ain't even Pagan. The Pagans were more serious than this. It is a kind of pseudo Hindu personalised faith, without the words nor the power of G_d.

scrubone said...

Hm, I wouldn't get too upset about it.

Some churches are so "liberal" they've lost all sense of direction. Like the Methodist church here, and numerous individual mainstream congregations.

This one looks to have past that point decades ago. In a few years, their older members will die off and without any meaning in what they say, there won't be anyone left.

(Oh, and it always makes me chuckle when people talk about church attendance declining. *This* "church" is the sort that has declining membership, *actual* churches where they hold to the Bible are going just fine, thanks for your concern.)

Anonymous said...

I checked out their whole website. It was... disturbing. I can understand neo-pagans doing this stuff, but people who profess Christianity? No.

Someone posted a comment on their youtube video and I will repeat it - read Matthew 7:15-23.

Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised? Those are heretics cut off from our Mother Church, detached from Tradition and sound doctrine they are bound to drift away from Christ and eventually into the abyss.

Acolyte of Saint Diego Maradona said...

The enemy works from within as well as without.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great article by Msgr. Charles Pope -

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