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Divinity Code Hot Seller

I am just getting started reading Ian Wishart's new book now, but I have to say it appears to be selling very well. It took me ages to find any place that had a copy. First stop was Borders in Sylvia Park who had sold out. Next I tried both Whitcoulls and Paper Plus from my local Westfield Mall and it had sold out both places there as well. Eventually I found a Whitcoulls that had a copy, although it took some hunting around to find it (they also told me it had been selling very well).

Looks like it's going to do as well as Eve's Bite, or maybe even better!


  1. I just finished the book Fletch. I enjoyed it.

    I'm going to put together some kind of review. I'm just thinking through what I want to say about it. That's the tough part.

  2. How much is Wishart paying for this promotion?

  3. A price commensurate to the awesome pulling power and widespread readership of this blog.

  4. You found a car-space at Sylvia Park?!

  5. Greg, don't get me started! I made the mistake of going on Boxing Day and it was a complete NIGHTMARE! I drove around looking for maybe 20mins and I thought beggar this; I'll go to the City and at least I can pay for a park there. So I did go to Auckland CBD and shopped around until about 4 then I thought I'd give Sylvia Prk a try on the way back home. Alas, it was still just as busy but I did eventually find a park after about 15 mins.

    According to the sign there is only 3000 carparks there which is not nearly enough. It is ridiculous, in fact.

  6. Sylvia Park comes a close second to St Luke's. I just don't even bother going there at this time of year. Why are we so stingy with the car park levels? (WestCity being the exception). Other countries have the ratio right.

  7. I'm about to settle down and read my copy. However, the alarm next door hasn't shut up for about half an hour and my son feels that this morning he will be a wolf and howl non stop. It'll be a true test of Ians writing if it pulls me in. Killer headache too and no, its not from last night.

  8. I tried to get a copy at my local Paper Plus store. They were having a 25% of non-fiction books sale.

    They did have one left instock, but unfortuantely someone apparently five finger discounted it before I got there!

    Anyway while I was in the shop a 6/7 year boy was trying to help himself to a handful of Batman and Spiderman birthday cards!

    Have got a copy on order so hopefully will get it shortly.

  9. I have just finished Ian Wishart's new book, and I have to say I found it more than satisfying. The pages were quite absorbent. They wiped even away the messiest poos. I'm only disappointed that, having got to the last page, I will have to start on my pages of Investigate Magazine, which are too shiny by half.

  10. Thanks Dean, what a well thought out comment. Just finished the chapter titled "How wrong was Hitch?". It had a good reply to the idea that, we see a 'fine tuned' universe because we happen to be in the fine tuned universe, arguement. Ian did a good job comparing the 'science' of this idea with the idea of a creator. The book so far has been good, Ian perhaps is a little scathing on Dawkins and Co, but so be it, thats his perogative. So far I am finding Ian arguements generally stack up far better than the others. And, yes I have read the others and try to be objective. I'm interested to see what the substance of the negative critiques is.

  11. Hi, Im from Melbourne. I am familiar with Ian's writings.

    They wouldnt even pass muster in any truly sophisticated theology course at say Notre Dame of Fordham in the USA---places where rigorous thought, and examination of all philosophical and theologically propositions are really encouraged.

    He is arguing for the non-existence mommy-daddy parental deity---the "god" of childhood who is going to protect us and who also carries a big stick if we are naughty---dummed down entirely exoteric religion for the masses---dummed down religion to control the masses---no REAL questions allowed.

    What about Real God as Radiant Conscious Light.


  12. So, are you saying you haven't read the book, but don't like it?

    Or are you saying that it wasn't sophisticated enough for you? Would that be because he had to spend too much time arguing the somewhat weak points posed by Dawkins, Hitchens et al? Or perhaps any decent book on Religion should feature RGaRCL?

    I've read the book, and I disagree with your review. Particularly paragraph three.

    Any chance of giving us a couple of quick "REAL questions" just for the people that may not follow the links?


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