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Britain's Spiritual and Physical Collapse

A lone Anglican Bishop in Britain is telling it like it is - British society is sick and Islam will take over unless something drastic happens. That something would have to be a rediscovery of Britain's Christian roots.
In an article in the new political magazine Standpoint, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, the Anglican Bishop of Rochester, pinpointed the "social and sexual revolution" of the 1960s orchestrated by Marxist academics, as the source of the sudden collapse of Christian values. The "endless self-indulgence" of the "new Britain" has resulted in skyrocketing rates of drunkenness, drug abuse, street violence, family breakdown. He added that the solutions offered - talk of "respect, tolerance and good behaviour" popular with Britain's politicians - are "hardly adequate for the task before us".

"It is this situation that has created the moral and spiritual vacuum in which we now find ourselves. While the Christian consensus was dissolved, nothing else, except perhaps endless self-indulgence, was put in its place," he wrote.

Britain's social values such as the dignity of human life, equality before the law and freedom are developments of Christian values, the Pakistan-born Nazir-Ali said, and without their Christian foundation, will break down in favour of new belief systems based on different values.

"Radical Islamism, for example, will emphasise the solidarity of the umma [worldwide community of the Muslim faithful] against the freedom of the individual. Instead of the Christian virtues of humility, service and sacrifice, there may be honour, piety and the importance of 'saving face'."

The bishop wrote that Britain's historical reality is that it was Christianity that unified a "rabble of mutually hostile tribes, fiefdoms and kingdoms" into a nation conscious of its identity and strong enough to form a global empire. Dr. Nazir-Ali credited the rise of neo-Marxism among academics in the 1960s who orchestrated the "social and sexual revolution" to which Church leaders "all but capitulated".
I won't copy the entire article here, but the rest of it is well worth reading.

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  1. Indeed. It will either be a Christian revival that will pave the way for the Lion to lie down with the Lamb, or their will be a civil war (ala Notting Hill style on a national scale) and the facists will rise as a significant player.

    God help England.

  2. A more pertinent question is why are you so in love with Helen Clark BGB?

  3. PM, no doubt history is quite tricky when you're trying to reframe everything into some kind of apology for the existence of Western civilization.

  4. To stay on topic though PM - BGB is advancing World War II as proof Christians are bigots and racists.

    And Christians aren't just white, are they?

    It's BGB that is speaking utter crap here.

  5. No, it's tricky if you have an enthusiasm for accuracy above feel-good stories about how great "we" are.

  6. PM, ah, so, you need some balance with the "we suck" stories. Got lots of those, but discretion is the best part of valour right now.

  7. No worries Zen - having lived in a Muslim society, I've no enthusiasm for seeing it adopted as a model for Western countries. Nazir-Ali's claims about Muslim societies valuing the solidarity of the umma over the freedom of the individual, and the importance of saving face, are spot on. In my experience, the individual's wishes for himself count for jack shit in Muslim society, and an enormous value is placed on keeping up appearances, no matter what hideous ugliness is being swept under the rug in the process. Bollocks to that.

    Doesn't mean I agree with Nazir-Ali on his prescription for Britain, of course. Let him take his prescription to Pakistan, it would be more useful there.

  8. The Wolfenden report - a product of radical marxism ?


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