Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ZenTiger Cash on hand

More and more people use electronic money to pay the bills. I've noticed people using EFTPOS for a $2 purchase.

So I was wondering, how much cash do our readers tend to keep in their wallet? Are you worth holding up for a prompt payment, or will you be tortured for your pin number?

I'll kick off a survey in the sidebar, but leave comments here if you feel so inclined.

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My mate was short of a $1-50 or so in the bottle store yesterday.
I had no cash on me, we found what we could laying around the car, so I had to use Eftpos to pay the remaining $1-50.

ZenTiger said...

That's unusual. I thought people simply robbed bottle stores in Auckland.

So why didn't your mate just put the entire thing on EFTPOS and keep the cash for next time? Or when we speak of a cashless society in NZ, does that apply even electronically, to everyone but Cullen and IRD?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - people buy a newspaper with EFTPOS. I usually carry about $40 cash.

The thing that gets me is that thos who use EFT the most complain about bank fees. Que?

There is some disconnect there...

homepaddock said...

I usually use cash for amounts under $20.

I collect coins from the washing machine and bedroom floor in a money box so always have small amounts of cash at home and also have small change in the car for emergencies.

Anonymous said...

I generally have a few cents. I intend to keep more, but it never seems to happen. I use a credit card for pretty well everything, as it has no transaction fees, you get other benefits, and I then pay it off at the end of the month. In the meantime I can keep money in an interest bearing account and squeeze a little more out of the bank.

I am basically following the advice of my economics lecturer years ago, and it works well, provided you are disciplined enough to actually pay off the card.

Mr Dennis

Unknown said...

I never carry cash and haven't in years. I don't even remember what a $20 bill looks like! Oh - and because I wasn't in NZ when the new coins came out I can't use them because I have only seem them twice.

I use EFTPOS for everything - but I don't pay fees regardless of the amount because of the type of bank account I have.

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