Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ZenTiger Social Democrat Perhaps?

Social Democrat, Liberal Democrat - is there a difference?

Perhaps one lives under the bed, dressed in red pajamas, speaking of the glory days of Lenin whilst puffing on a Cuban Cigar, and the other has a more developed "blame" centre, which manifests itself as virulent accusations against gang raping reporters and fascist bloggers who crowd around pure and noble victims of big corporate money sneakily deposited into their account without their knowledge ... just prior to said noble victim accidentally shooting themselves in the foot?

Anyway, here's the American version..I must do one for our region sometime. Or is the brand being tainted for unfair reasons?

Hat tip: Marginalised Action Dinosaur and the Cube

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KG said...

You can't taint that lot--they come pre-tainted.

fugley said...


fugley said...

"Generous spending of other people's money ...".

Let's see. John Howard in Australia was the highest atxing PM in Oz history and took middle class welfare to new heights.

GWB is the USA's biggest taxing and biggest spending of other people's money than any other President in US history.

Maybe its time you got a new whippong boy;this one's grown old and tired.

ZenTiger said...

Looks like your "Not Taxing the Rich Enough" brain centre is kicking in Fugley.

That would be the same John Howard of the Liberal Party that also presided over the biggest tax margin shifts (effective tax cuts) in the history of Australian politics. The Howard Government also introduced GST in 1999.

At that time, the Labour controlled states were to reduce their taxes and keep the GST revenue.

Although the GST revenue proved to be higher than anticipated, leading to further income tax adjustments and continuation of the universal super scheme, the Labour States were deliberately slow in reducing the myriad of taxes that were stifling the economy. They've still kept the land taxes and property stamp duties I believe.

Howard's Government was also part of a coalition Government with National, which also had an influence on policy.

But all this is pointless Fugley. Even if the Australian Liberals have a "spend other people's money" part of the brain, doesn't mean these so called Liberal Democrats do not.

Still, anything to keep my regular commenters happy - shall I write in to the People's Cube and perhaps see if we can reduce this area and increase the Che Guevara section and perhaps squeeze in another sense of humour cell?

KG said...

Funny, thing, Fugley that when I was working in Oz I paid less tax than I do now and I also got a very large cash income tax refund at the end of each year.
That's in addition to paying far, far less for groceries and clothing--something that really hit home to us each time we came back to NZ on holidays.

ms eville said...

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