Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andrei Naked hiking in Appenzell

If wandering naked through the Alps has appeal, then the news it has been outlawed in Appenzell may cause you some grief.

On the other hand for most of us it is probably a mercy.

The strange thing about those who desire to flaunt their bodies in public is that for the most part they don't have bodies worth flaunting - indeed the spectacle of late middle aged men waving their all in the breeze tends to alarm most folks. Either that or reduce them to helpless laughter.

So on balance the good people of Appenzell Inner Rhodes have probably done themselves and us a favor by enacting this ban.

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ZenTiger said...

Don't they know they could catch the flu roaming around under-dressed?

I wonder if a dedicated nudist would drop the shoes and socks?

Surely, if its practical to offer your genitals to insects and the occasional poison ivy, one would want to ensure toes enjoy the natural freedom of stepping through forest loam?

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