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Chris Trotter on Nazi (Climate)Traitors [UPDATE]

In today's From the Left opinion piece published in the Dominion Post, Chris Trotter compares those who believe that climate change is a scam designed to impoverish the world economy with Nazi sympathisers during WW2.

His opinion piece is titled, In the war for nature, the deniers are traitors. This is no mere hyperbole.
There will be of course people who whisper that the enemy really isn't our enemy. That all our individual and collective sacrifices are quite unnessary. And that, if only we would stop listening to the alarmists and extremists, then this needless and terribly costly campaign could be brought to a happy conclusion.

In 1940, England was full of such whisperers. The British ruling class in particular, was riddled with defeatists. Nazi sympathisers and traitors. Back then people called them "Quislings" and "traitors".
The upper classes were riddled with defeatists, making an oblique swipe at Lord Christopher Monckton, who is out there fighting the climate change scam.
If therefore, the battle against climate change has become the moral equivalent of a war, with all the sacrifice that war entails, then climate change denial must become the moral equivalent of treason.

Climate change is the new trojan horse for the Left, and the whole thing falling apart due to "Emperor's new clothes" syndrome, is just too much for them.

I now have the link. Have a look at the comments. Thanks, Murray!

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  1. Climate Change is anything but falling apart. I'm reminded of a line in the movie Serenity, "Your broadwave about Miranda has weakened their regime, but they are not gone, and they are not…forgiving."

  2. Can we stick with the facts? AGW is the issue, Climate Change of course has been around long before the first weather forecast.

    The second thing about the wheels falling off AGW is simply the "science" relies on data that is, until recent years at least, scant and computer models that are woefully inadequate.

    The third thing, and to me the most important thing, is that we need to decouple what the science is about with what the political response is.

    Because I'm not convinced the solution is to raise taxes 100% and provide the money to the UN, with trading profits to already rich capitalists bored with hedge funds.

    As for Chris Trotter and his comparisons to Hitler and treating everyone in a democracy that does not agree with him as treasonous, how bloody typical for a communist.

    Any sensible democracy would line people like him up against a wall and shoot them.

    And that comment perfectly mirrors his idea that dissent in a democracy amounts to treason. He needs to change his perspective.

  3. Would it be a generalisation to say that people from the Left tend to believe in things like AGW? It looks a bit like that is the case judging the comments I've seen.

    Why do you suppose that is? Are they just more gullible? Or do they know what the real political agenda is and just want to hurry up this one-world-government stuff?

    I've always wanted to ask Helen Clark what her idea of a perfect Government was - what is the utopia she imagines in her head. I bet it's a lot like Communism.


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