Monday, December 24, 2012

Andrei No Virginia, the Christ Child didn't have congenital syphilis

Countdown to Christmas replete with seasonal silliness.

Here is a beauty, the implication that the gifts of the Magi, the gold frankinsense and myrrh were in fact an eye ointment. To be fair having introduced syphilis into the stable the writer does posit "(t)his theory is, of course, speculative in the extreme". The flaws in "this theory" and the article that contains it are manifest, c'est Noel circa 2012.

And then from the sidebar this. A comic's claim that the Nativity story is stolen from that of Mithras, high on humour and short on historical vericity. It matters not - it's seasonal filler.

Of course there are other birthdays around this time of year, of other historical figures and myths people might weave ......

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