Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lucia Another abortion battle, this time over the ditch

A real abortion battle is heating up over in Victoria, Australia. The new bill before the state government wants to make it mandatory that if you are a doctor who cannot in good conscience refer a woman to an abortionist, that you will therefore refer her to someone who doesn't have the same moral qualms.

This is a major problem for Catholics and for Catholic hospitals, who provide a third of all hospital services in Victoria. So, Catholic hospitals are likely to tell their doctors to either break the law if it is passed. Either that or the hospitals will close down.

Looks like Catholics are growing spines over in Oz.

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Nick C said...

I have a 17 year old friend who actually lives in Queensland, is not Catholic but is pro life and tells me he has written a personal letter to the premier of Victoria. Was very happy when he told me this.

The question is; When National wins the election will they address our abortion laws after the high court ruling by justice Miller?

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