Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ZenTiger Renovations in Progress

I'm renovating the blog. It's a DIY effort, with absolutely no council approval, no architectural oversight, no certified trades people and no license or permit. Not only that, I've not referred to the RMA at any stage and you are lucky to even get this notice.

Frontier blog re-construction. It's still the days that had "those were" in them.

This people, is freedom.

I just hope the consequences don't take us off-line for long :-)

My apo-logies for any in-con-wenience.

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Anonymous said...

One hopes the reconstruction is being undertaken with suitable attire - one befitting Lord Flashheart perhaps? :-)

ZenTiger said...

Of course!

And I'm man enough to take the job on!

Woof! Woof!

bruddah said...

most triumphant d00d!

KG said...

Looks good. But how about another coat of paint, eh?

ZenTiger said...

Yeah, it's a bit rough in places. The template looked good from a distance, but there have been a huge list of minor issues to work through.

Suffice to say, it's not yet the way I'm hoping to get it. I need the three columns though..

This is taking longer than I thought, but at least the main functions seem to be in. We'll see how it goes over the next week, and if it still looks a little light, I might swap again!

MathewK said...

Nice work Zen. For a second i thought you'd jumped to wordpress or something, you've done a stellar job.

Can ya make it a bit wider if possible. I think KG will agree, those of us with widescreens will appreciate it.

Greg said...

was a pleasant surprise. looks good and the effort is appreciated.

ZenTiger said...

Finally making progress today. The blog was looking very different according to which browser loaded. Now, I'm getting closer to parity.

Next stage is to use the sidebar better. I'm hoping to display recent posts by author, posts that are attracting comments even if the post itself has scrolled off the main page and a couple of other items. Unfortunately, blogger does not yet have some of the cool features of Drupal, so we'll see how it goes.

And then finally some better images, and perhaps expandable content widths for high resolutions. Cross fingers.

ZenTiger said...

Blog authors please note that you can access the blogger dashboard by clicking on the blogger logo in the right most column. It's a temporary measure until I do something better.

the conservative said...

"I'm renovating the blog. It's a DIY effort, with absolutely no council approval,"

Without a permit, will you be insured?

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