Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lucia NZ Conservative welcomes a new blog author!

I have asked Greg to start posting here, and he has graciously accepted.

Welcome, Greg!

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ZenTiger said...

Welcome aboard Greg.

Now we are 5. Always nice to get some fresh perspective.


Tell us a bit about Greg.
And how is Andre?

ZenTiger said...

What, and spoil the mystery and anticipation?

Hopefully Andre is doing fine. You might recall, he dropped in on a Friday Night chat recently, but I have not heard since. Andre is not Greg, if you are fishing for clues :-)

Anonymous said...

Does that mean we are now Hi5?
Is it not Greg from the Wiggles?

I.M Fletcher said...

Welcome Greg!
Apologies to the other bloggers about not posting so much now. I have left work and gone back to do some more studying, which means classes everyday and (shock!) homework at night!

ZenTiger said...

It's all good Fletch. Don't feel under pressure to post, just whenever the mood strikes.

We figured growing the blog by another author improves the chances of regular material keeping the blog fresh, but whatever authors feel like contributing is all we need.

I will work now on a few template changes though to try to layout our posts a little better, and help present all five author's material in a more accessible way. So if a blog author posts occasionally, their most recent posts will be easier to review to allow for the different readers who are more interested in topics closer to individual blogger's hearts.

Nothing too major, but hopefully people will find some improvement.

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