Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fletch And It Was All Yellow....

A: Why don't we put a tax on the color yellow?

B: Why is that?

A: Because the sun is yellow and it causes warming.

B: But yellow is a naturally occurring color on our planet and it doesn't do any harm.

A: What about 'yellow fever' and 'the yellow peril'? Those were bad things at the time and they have 'yellow' in them. And what about Green Lantern's power ring? It doesn't work against anything yellow.

B: I don't think people will buy that.

A: Oh sure they will. And what about butter? It's yellow and it causes heart disease.

B: We thought that a while back now; it's changed a couple of times from margarine to butter to margarine. Now butter is OK again.

A: I'm sure we can convince people. All we need are some scientists to give research money to; I'm sure they'll discover that yellow is bad. And what about the Yellow Pages? I was thumbing through them last week and I got a paper cut! Actually drew blood!

B: Well....

A: There you go! I'm contacting the U.N. We need a committee to handle this. We need every nation involved! We need to burn everything yellow!

B: Well, won't that release CO2 into the atmosphere?

A: Oh, that's so last year. No one's worried about CO2 now. It's naturally occurring.

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Leonidas said...


ZenTiger said...

Excellent. And nice use of a song title too. Warmplay or Coldplay; it was all yellow.

graham roberts said...

Yellow is also associated with Jaundice

Ozy Mandias said...

The Aussie cricket team is yellow!!! Enough said. Ban the colour!!!

What about yellow cars. Are they the cause of more crashes?

The yellow pages must also be binned. Actually next year they are planning on a name change. The Green Pages.

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