Friday, December 4, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

Friday again!

Isn't ClimateGate a hoot! Al Gore still spouts nonsense, but the Australians are onto him (just look at the comments). John Key has changed his mind about going to Copenhagen and now thinks it's a good idea, while Al-baby has bailed, maybe because new research shows Kilimanjaro decreasing snow is entirely natural and nothing to do with "Climate Change". Apparently Al can't handle being questioned about stuff that's off the script. And John's got his read of "the momentum" the wrong way around.

Could almost be a comedy show, except the whole thing is deadly serious.
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Gooner said...

First cab off the rank I see.

Great day in Auckland.....if you're a stormwater drain.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi, Gooner!

It was like that early this week down this way. Today was amazingly sunny, until I put my washing out. And then it became overcast and now the temperature has cooled quite a lot.

I almost thought it was summer, for a while there.

Gooner said...

You have the Cricket to keep you dreary while we have the rain, and the rain, and the rain.

It has not rained here today. It has poured down here today. All day. Had to put the pet rabbit and guinea pig undercover - poor things.

Does Wellington have a "Save Planet A" march tomorrow? We have one here and I hope it remains wet for them. I heard thousands were driving into town to take part. Typical hypocricy!

Lucia Maria said...

I don't know about a save planet march. I think there might be a Santa Parade, though.

It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, I think. Not that that means anything!

Ozy Mandias said...

Evening all.

Stop being so cynical. All this rain is proof that global warming is happening.

On a more serioe note I am on intercessory prayer this week at church. Is it appropriate to pray for the New Zealand cricket team???


Good evening everyone.
I am enjoying the Auckland rain too.
I understand the rain is even worse up north.
I did see the sun for a few minutes yesterday.
Or was it the day before.

Andrei said...

Hi all;
Damn its cold and I have been sick all week.

I hope my addition meets with your approval Lucia. When John Stewart gets onto something you know the dam is going to burst

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, Andrei.

That was funny. Great addition to the post.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. Get better, ok?

Hi everyone else,

Sorry about abandoning the FNFA. My sister rang and 75 minutes later, I realised my short conversation had turned the evening into a late night.

LOL! Now that my oldest son has learned to cook bacon, he's frying up a storm for himself and his younger brother in the kitchen.

KG, what's this about banning Bok? What did he say? I've seen a couple of real overreactions so far, but missed the Bok thing.

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