Sunday, December 27, 2009

ZenTiger New Year Software

New Years Resolutions? How about New Year Software to help manage my life? See attached image!

The computer device for 2010 that may help most in this regard may be my iPhone. Purchased as an extravagant birthday present for myself a few months ago, it has proved valuable just for the email, browser and calendar functions, and is a joy to use compared to my previous mobile phone devices.

On top of that are a few addictive games (Geo-Defence Swarm springs to mind) and a number of cool tools and applications to play with whilst I wait for my bus, train, or plane.

Air New Zealand's mPass has been very useful, and Jetset by BriteMac is a cool expense account tracker. It's really just scratching the surface of what is available though, and I've been scanning the app store to find that killer app that will help me with those New Years Resolutions, as only technology can.

As only technology can.

So anyway, what's your top iPhone picks?

Bonus: for the technology minded, here's a satirical piece from 2008 about the looming world crisis when we run out of IP addresses: Let's see science solve this one.

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I.M Fletcher said...

Good Reader is a must have for iPhone. Lets you view just about any type of file including PDF's. I have an older version which actually allowed you to transfer files across over the USB port using the freeware program iPhone Explorer, but Adobe didn't like that (it violates the terms of their contract or something) and put a stop to it. I really don't know why. What difference is it if the same file gets transferred over Airport or USB cable? Stupid. A lot of apps were making provision for iphone Explorer in their appz including Stanza.

I don't know of any other phone where you can't transfer files over the USB cable. Apple are idiots.

As far as graphics, Photo Forge and Photo Gene are probably the closest equivalent to Photoshop on your iPhone.

ComicZeal is good (read those cbr and cbz comicbook files on your iPhone).

If you're Catholic, get Universalis for daily mass readings and Hours of the Day.

Autostitch is the best for stitching together photos in-phone for creating panoramas.

Pocket guitar is nice (lets you play chords on a virtual guitar).

If you're into facebook, get mobile facebook (free)

MotionX GPS can be fun to trace your steps over a virtual map. Google Earth is a must have, too.

TvGuide is like a virtual TV Guide with daily listings.

You can get guitar tuners like inTuna.

The Google app is not bad (allows you to speak a search into your phone).

If you're really into your music, there is a fully fledged 4 track recorder called FourTrack (yes, really!).

The yellow pages/white pages app is a must, too.

If you're into photography, check out everyday for reviews of photo appz.

Shem Banbury said...

i dream of having an iphone. If i did GPSwould be the way to go.

Perhaps I could put it down on the Ozy Mandias blog expense fund and claim back the tax????

I.M Fletcher said...

ps, of course by post above should read 'Apple didn't like that'...apologies to Adobe.

Ozy, yes that would be

ZenTiger said...

If you blog from the iPhone, you could apportion the charges...

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