Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lucia Baying mobs at Kiwiblog sign of things to come [UPDATE]

I've just been reading the comments on one of DPF's posts that starts to address the climate change fraud that will make us pay, and pay and pay. People are angry, more angry than I saw when bloggers and commenters were trying to make National see sense over the anti-smacking law. But, with the anti-smacking law, the anger was nationwide.

Understanding climate fraud is mostly confined to the blogosphere in NZ, so far. But when the general populace starts to really understand that Kyoto and it's bastard children will cripple our country economically for no good reason, that we were lied to over climate change and how to stop it, then that anger that is currently only being expressed in the blogs might very well be expressed in a way that could force our governing party to take a long, hard look at the loons they've got in charge.

UPDATE: John Key says he's going to Copenhagen
"While it's unlikely a binding agreement will be reached at Copenhagen, political momentum is growing, which is why in recent weeks a lot more leaders have indicated they will be attending[...]"

"By my absence I wouldn't want to give the impression that New Zealand isn't committed to playing its part in the fight against climate change."
While the momentum is all the other way. First Australia, now Britain (Hat tip: The Fairfacts Media Show)...

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ironically, it will be Tony Abbott and the Australian Libs who will tell them, about a year before our elections.

Lucia Maria said...

Maybe. This thing seems to have a momentum of it's own. It certainly took the media by surprise. Andrew Bolt thinks it was the deluge of emails and phone calls from the party activists that tipped the Liberal Party into action.

Barnsley Bill said...

The model for carbon trading was designed by Ken Lay (Enron). That should tell us all we need to know about our ETS.

KG said...

The next Oz elections will be decided by a whole lot of factors and the ETS is just one of them.
ETS will at least give the Libs a stick to beat Rudd with though.

Anonymous said...

Farrar's lost his blogging "mojo" over this. He has been found out as just another lame MSM repeater and toe the party liner.

KG said...

Yup. And he banned commenter Bok for even asking about it!

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