Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucia The whole world is watching Australia and the ETS fight

Tony Abbott's shock take-over of the opposition Liberal party in Australia most likely has really got the political elite freaked. Climategate was bad enough, but for the emails to have political implications so quickly in the make up of what politicians will do is downright scary.

Just type in Tony Abbott into the news page of Google, and you'll see that there are currently 2,184 news items. That's alot of news items, which means countries across the world are very interested in what is going on in Australia, and it's not just because Tony Abbott is that interesting.

For more on what is happening over the ditch, read Andrew Bolt's blog. Here's a good recent post that really encapsulates how shocking the whole thing was for the elites.

At last a fight over this mad tax ~ Andrew Bolt

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