Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lucia CLIMATEGATE: Climate Change Scam Smoking Gun [UPDATE]

Willis Eschenbach plays around with climate adjustments using Darwin as his comparison dataset because of it's advantages as a station with multiple records, and finds that yes, the adjustments made to the three main global climate datasets were excessive. Basically, the adjustments change data from showing cooling to showing warming!

To my great surprise, here’s what I found. To explain the full effect, I am showing this with both datasets starting at the same point (rather than ending at the same point as they are often shown).

Figure 7. GHCN homogeneity adjustments to Darwin Airport combined record

YIKES! Before getting homogenized, temperatures in Darwin were falling at 0.7 Celcius per century … but after the homogenization, they were warming at 1.2 Celcius per century. And the adjustment that they made was over two degrees per century … when those guys “adjust”, they don’t mess around. And the adjustment is an odd shape, with the adjustment first going stepwise, then climbing roughly to stop at 2.4C.

Of course, that led me to look at exactly how the GHCN “adjusts” the temperature data.[...]
Read the whole thing: The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero ~ Watts Up With That

UPDATE: Peter Cresswell manages to summarise the whole thing better than me! :) Except his post has grown to include a number of updates, so it's fairly long.

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