Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lucia Please pray for a dying woman [UPDATED]

Even if you normally don't pray, or are a sporadic pray-er, please consider an act of mercy and pray for the soul of a dying woman. A very powerful prayer is the Rosary, with today being the day for the Sorrowful Mysteries.

It's very important to pray for the dying because death is the point at which a soul chooses where he or she will spend eternity. Please help Anna choose eternal life. Even atheists get a last chance at death.

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UPDATE: Anna died on at 12:05, Wednesday 2 December, 2009.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
RIP Anna Woolf.

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Berry said...

I like that sentiment Lucia, it's sincere, heartfelt and honest. Regardless of what anyone can say about your frame of mind, there's a strong and meant emotion there, nothing "intellectual" or "reasoned" or "objective", just human to human, the raw, deep emotion of one being for another. Chapeau, and I'll be giving my thoughts to Annie, even if I don't know the woman at all.

ZenTiger said...

I am not sure if Annie wants this or feels she needs this, but I offer my prayers for her as the only thing I can do at this time.

And I believe that it may help.

scrubone said...

It's certainly a sobering thought that someone might we approaching death without accepting Christ.

It costs nothing to believe, and it costs everything to disbelieve.

The great tragedy is that hell was never intended for us at all, but that's where so many end up. (Matthew 25:34&41)

scrubone said...

Hm, comments like that don't really go with my avatar!

graham roberts said...
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Lucia Maria said...

Sorry, Graham, totally inappropriate comment for this thread. I'll start one up on prayer sometime in the future and you can comment then.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Yeah, bloody sad alright – hideous disease and we should do our utmost to find a cure – stop this misery.

Stem-cells/genetic medicine offers us so-much hope a future generation will relegate cancer to the history books in the same way we now look back on smallpox, here in N.Z.

Obviously I don’t believe in prayer, but reminds me to give my annual donation to The Malaghan Institute who are doing sterling-work here in N.Z towards a cure via research into human immune systems. Sadly N.Z Government doesn’t see the Malaghan Institutes work as worthy of tax-payers funding (versus say Americas Cup and Hip-hop fact-finding missions) so The Institute has rely on public benefactors. Give generously.



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