Monday, December 28, 2009

Andrei Sad little Atheist with her pitiful little strawmen

Linley Boniface has let rip about the Atheist bus campaign and the billboard controversy.

Reading her rant you'd believe Christians are up in arms over the atheist advertising about to be plastered on the sides of a few buses.

Well no actually - no Christian actually gives a toss, if atheists want to waste their money on advertising more fool them, I say and so does everybody else I know.

In her screed there is little evidence of intolerance towards atheists from Christians.

This is the best the poor deluded woman can come up with to support her thin case
And when atheists launched a campaign to raise money to pay for bus ads reading, "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life," there was a predictable outcry from people who felt that atheists should, actually, just shut up.

Archbishop John Dew, president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, made the usual noises about upholding the rights of atheists to express their views before making it clear that those views were much less deserving of respect than the views of, say, Catholics. "I find it interesting that a group of people who claim not to believe in the existence of God have chosen to make God the focus of their bus campaign," he said.

Indeed the Archbishop did put out a press release about the campaign, probably unwisely but it is hardly intolerant or in any way unreasonable and certainly no outcry.

Her other exhibit is John Roughan from the Herald of whom she says
Mr Roughan himself seems to be agnostic, but is awash with fuzzy nostalgia for the "ancient splendour" of the church. His suggestion that atheists consider themselves above God - difficult to consider yourself above something you don't believe in, I should have thought - appears to be based on having once witnessed a Russian tour guide being disrespectful in a cathedral.

Her closing paragraph is beyond satire
Then there's the decision by many evangelical churches to ignore climate change, presumably on the assumption that God will, in his own sweet time, turn the thermostat down, just as he once allowed the floodwaters to fall. Surely this is exactly the point at which we need to hear from atheists, who, with no belief in an afterlife, might be more inclined to try to save the life we have now.

Poor Ms Boniface hasn't caught on that her belief in "Climate Change" is a religious dogma, not based on science or rationality as I'm sure she would claim if challenged but faith. And a modern new age faith at that.

But she has caught onto a basic of grievance politics - a manufactured intolerance where non exists.

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ZenTiger said...

I read Linley's article, and thought that her "join the dots" attempt was way off the mark.

Add me to the list of Christians who was rather bemused by the Atheist Bus Advertisement spreading from the UK to NZ. I thought it was quite good, actually. I said somewhere it was at least respectful, unlike the Mary/Joseph billboard.

She reads far too much into Archbishop John Dew's statement - a lot of Christians might stop to wonder why some-one who doesn't believe in God feels strongly enough to say so. We might understand why, but it is still something to note.

I can't imagine what on earth possessed her to score an own goal on the final paragraph. I suspect she wants to blame Christians for being a but suspicious of a tax system based on the weather.

Berry said...

I'd say "sad little atheist" says it all, really, or in fact, one could leave the "atheist" off, as it is no more than a cloak to cover utter ignorance.
Actually, and come to think of it, one can also omit either "little" or "sad", as they express the same sentiment in absence of any information about Ms Boniface (for all we know she's a 250 pound obese nut job). I'd leave "little" out of the equation therefore, and just stick to "sad". Yeah... that's it. This post may be reduced to: "Read the article, Ms Boniface again demonstrates she's a sad person."

Lucia Maria said...

I read the opinion piece this morning as well, with increasing incredulity, right up until the climate change punch line.

Though, with a number of her pieces being self-mocking, maybe she's trying to do the same here?

Hmmm, probably stretching that a little too far.

Tanya Stebbing said...

I read that she was once a Christian. Imagine our media printing a pro-Christian article. yeah right. Yet according to their recent editorial NZ is still a great little place to live.

Crime, crime and more crime. That is NZ today.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Andrei, seems yet-again you guys can dish-it-out but can’t take it.

If the illustrious leader of New Zealand’s most renowned open and ‘tolerant’ group, John Dew, wants to champion ‘freedom of speech’ why doesn’t he start with his own organisation before his dabbles in secular politics at a tax-rate of zero percent?

Rather than commenting on Atheist Bus signs a more fitting start for the new-born libertarian Archbishop may be to allow all members of Catholicism in this country (he seems to forgotten the half without a penis) the right to speak as equals, preventing the endemic hatred of homosexuals and attacks on anyone who dares to differ in anyway from his own biblical interpretation (think the Mary/Joseph sign for example)

In Catholic-speak clearly ‘freedom of speech’ means something alien to those who treasure and appreciate the true meaning of the term.

Have a good-one.


Andrei said...

Paul nobody cares about the Atheist's bus sign - its just a monument to foolishness.

What endemic hatred of homosexuals?

Thats just activist spin because the Church will not rewrite the nature a specific Sin to suit an noisy and vapid minority.

We are all sinners Paul but most of us do not expect the Church to change its teachings on sin and bless our sins rather than help us overcome them - whatever they may be.

As for the sign, the greatest displays of hostility toward it seem to have come from members of the Church which erected it.

Free speech allows for its erection and free speech allows for its condemnation

Or does free speech only apply to those who agree with you?

Andy said...

I agree with most of what you've said Andrei, but you're kidding yourself if you believe the $20,000+ of advertising will be wasted. That money is very well spent and I applaud the atheists for working together to further their opinion. In fact this post itself is evidence that the money has not been wasted, as the intention of the campaign was to stir up debate.

Hi Paul (wave)

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