Thursday, December 17, 2009

Andrei Greenpeace Greenpeaced

Another picture from the Copenhagen Circus of the absurd. It comes from here.

It amuses me to see Greenpeace on the receiving end of its own tactics.

Speaking of Greenpeace, a funny thing happened last night, there was a knock upon the door, my boy Nik answered.

There stood a young lady with a clip board.

"I'm from Greenpeace" she said "Have you heard of us".

"Yes" Nik replied.

"Do you like what we do" asked the young lady.

"No" quoth Nik "I don't, I think you are a bunch of posers".

The young woman fled.

3 comment(s):

scrubone said...

Ha, that's a good one.

KG said...

Heh! Classic! I stole the pic, with a link back to here Andrei.

graham roberts said...

I can't see Greenpeace as being posers
The are ane environmental movement which act like... well an environmental movement
funny that
What is Niks definition of a poser?
He may have it wrong

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