Friday, December 18, 2009

ZenTiger From Russia with Love

Oh no. Anglia. East Anglia. The University which acts with license to kill raw data, has been exposed by Russian agents who suggest the skewed Climate data is Overthetop and Onatop of previous ClimateGate scandals may finally blow this counter-intelligence mission wide open.

Those cheeky little minxes from East Anglia have some explaining to do. Siberia is just down the road from Copenhagen, surely we could send them there for further interrogation? With a warming Arctic, it's not as if Siberia going to be cold or anything.

The crux of the argument is that the CRU cherry picked data following the same methods that have been done everywhere else. They ignored data covering 40% of Russia and chose data that showed a warming trend over statistically preferable alternatives when available. They ignored completeness of data, preferred urban data, strongly preferred data from stations that relocated, ignored length of data set.

One the final page, there is a chart that shows that CRU’s selective use of 25% of the data created 0.64C more warming than simply using all of the raw data would have done. The complete set of data show 1.4C rise since 1860, the CRU set shows 2.06C rise over the same period.

Reference: ClimateGate goes Serial
Hat tip: Crusader Rabbit - The wheels are falling off

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