Friday, December 11, 2009

Lucia Atheist advertising on God

Doesn't look like an atheistic message to me. I would have thought that the word "probably" indicates the possibility of God existing, which is more agnostic that atheistic.

Apparently coming soon, to a bus near you!

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ZenTiger said...

That campaign was running a while ago now in the UK. The things Atheists spend their time not worrying about...

David said...

An Atheist is someone who is not a Theist, it's not mutually exclusive with agnosticism.

^ something that should be taught in schools, IMO

I.M Fletcher said...

I've seen their site. Apparently they've already raised their $10,000 target from donations in less than 48 hours, so now they're setting a $20,000 cap. But yeh... they're going to get a shock when they die ey?

Canterbury Atheists said...

This as far as I’m aware is the only time the 25% (and growing percentage) of Kiwi’s who have no superstitious beliefs have ever bothered to unite and say “we are here and an integral productive part of society.” and open debate on religions role in the new millennium.

More so now we have religious zealots threatening our way of life and safety of our fellow citizens.

The message is appropriate – the more definitive ‘There is NO God’ having been banned by the bus companies as too controversial.

For those that get upset about the message - how do you know what God it is the advert is referring to?

It could be one of the thousands of Gods and not the one you happen to subscribe to - the chances are very small given the number.

On the weekend I had a Seventh Day Adventists knocking on my door and a flyer for The Alpha Course (Catholics with nothing better to do I presume using your rationale) placed in my letter-box - so advertising ones beliefs or lack of them is a two way-street.

Have a good Northern Winter Solstice (a.k.a Christmas)

Peace to all mankind.


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