Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Andrei More NIWA emissions

"Globally significant news" from NIWA - Methane increasing over New Zealand

The original press release comes complete with scary graph.

Well the number of farting cows hasn't significantly gone up in the period under consideration - nor has the arctic tundra significantly thawed during this time despite what Al Gore has told you, so the only reason for this "significant" rise can be natural ie
NOAA reported that drier than normal conditions in the tropics from 1999-2006 probably limited emissions from microbes in tropical wetlands while from 2007 wetter tropics and warmer Arctic conditions have led to increased emissions overall.

And this press release is just another round in the continual battle for NIWA to justify its sorry existence - instead of getting on with what it is supposed to be doing - which would be real science as opposed to political activism.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fraid you're wrong Andrei.

Total cattle numbers in 1971 were 7.5 million.

The total in 2007 was 10.9 million.

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