Monday, December 28, 2009

ZenTiger Government Censorship

Pathetic, but not unexpected: Facebook fan page has been set up in honour of Susanna Maiolo (above), a 25-year-old Italian-Swiss woman, accused of leaping over security barriers at a Christmas Eve service at the Vatican and knocking over the pope.

Disturbing, and not required: Antonio Gentile, a senator for Mr Berlusconi's ruling party, said the page 'confirms the need for legislative action'. He added that 'a social network cannot be place that celebrates violence.'

Why does the government feel it needs to legislate to this level? I'd rather have the information out in the open and let people see for themselves the uglier side of "freedom of speech".

Such ideas (government censorship of the net) have been expressed more and more frequently over the past few years, and I'm wondering if 2010 will be the year the government takes off the velvet glove, all the better to use its iron fist.

There may be more than a few of us uttering the Irish expletive 'Whale Oil Beef Hooked.'

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