Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Andrei Copenhagen

It has started, a great orgy of conspicuous consumption in Copenhagen, paid for by the working people of the world.

The sole purpose of which is to increase our tithes to the Earth Goddess, tithes to keep our Goddess contented so she will not harm us with devastating storms, droughts and floods in the future.

Apparently the goddess is displeased with human progress and is signaling her ire at us by persecuting polar bears or so we are told.

Ergo we are told we must sacrifice by transferring wealth from the productive in the first world to elites of the third world where it will be miraculously transformed into limousines and gold bath tubs all of which will no doubt please the Goddess.

Some Christian churches in a show of subservience to the Goddess ring their bells her honor and of her great festival in Copenhagen.

And in another demonstration of faith the EPA will apparently rule later on today that CO2 threatens human health, thus allowing additional tithes to the Goddess be levied without the approval of the American Congress.

What surprises me about the latter is that it appears to violate the constitutional separation of Church and State.

But then again in these days of flight from rationality nothing should surprise me.

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I.M Fletcher said...

As I said on kiwiblog, I have just seen some coverage of the opening of the Copenhagen summit on today’s news, and it’s blatant propaganda. At the opening, candidates were shown a short film of a helpless little girl as a huge wave comes to wash her away, and she ends up clinging to a tree. It was pure Hollywood.

There was more pollution coming from the mouths of the opening speakers than there will ever be from changes to the climate caused by man. I see that Obama has also formally declared CO2 and 5 other gases dangerous to humans.

These people are freaking NUTS!

Lucia Maria said...

That EPA ruling is so crap.

Lucy said...

And dangerous crap at that. I wonder how long it will be before ordinary Americans revolt.

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