Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fletch Glynn Cardy Invited To Heretic Conference

Yep, the Anglican priest who had that offending billboard of Mary and Joseph put up has been invited to speak at a Melbourne "progressive religion conference" next year. Uhuh..

Close to 1000 delegates will attend the conference. They include renegade Canadian clergywoman Gretta Vosper, author of With or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important than What We Believe, and deposed Catholic priest Peter Kennedy, leader of the rebel St Mary's in Exile community in Brisbane.

Well then, it doesn't take much brain power to figure out what colors his flag is flying does it. Like recognizes like as they say. In other words his actions have been admired by a bunch of heretics including a defrocked priest and he has been asked to speak at a conference of same.

I don't understand why these people still call themselves Christians; they obviously don't believe in the basic tenets of Christianity. It's like a man being appointed a tennis umpire and then pronouncing that he thinks the ball should actually go under the net during play. It may have all the trappings of tennis and be played on the same court but it's not tennis anymore.

Similarly, if you're not going to follow the basic beliefs of your religion then you aren't following that religion any more.

They should probably start their own religion.

The fact is, they probably already have.

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Lou Taylor said...

Excellent post

Swift said...

I wouldn't mind him starting his own religion, if he left mine alone.


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