Sunday, January 2, 2011

Andrei The "Apple Core Effect"

Interesting article: Perfect population storm on horizon.
Everyone knows a Kiwi who's upped sticks and gone to Oz, or a 20-something who went on their OE, landed a job and decided the grass was greener somewhere else.

It's such an entrenched phenomenon that a population expert is warning there's a gaping hole in New Zealand's workforce where all the 20-35-year-olds should be.

Natalie Jackson calls it the "apple core effect" – the hole left by those who've quit the country and aren't coming back.

She claims the situation is so bad that there could be little left to prop up the workforce as baby boomers start to retire.

Professor Jackson, who heads Waikato University's newly-formed Nidea, or National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, says there is "virtually no understanding" of how New Zealand's age structure has changed, and what that means for the future.

I don't know if my family are typical but my late parents left nine grandchildren, three have already left New Zealand for greener pastures and the next two will be leaving in February, that makes five while the remainder are still at school or studying and are more than likely to follow their siblings and cousins.

And why is the population aging? Why isn't there a better balance between the young and old?

We know the answer to that and we also know that if we had followed the Church's teaching on this matter this wouldn't be the case.

And the problem outlined in the article wouldn't be a problem.

Update: MacDoctor has posted on this - he takes a more sanguine view than I do much to the amusement of one of our regular commentors

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Redbaiter said...

Quite right of course, but one would think if you are going to get any message at all across in this socialist sewer you'd need to be a bit more emphatic than you have been in this post.

Anonymous said...

So, let me read between the lines, as you are not being quite explicit.

You believe the lack of population is due to the prevalence of abortion. Therefore you believe that the aborteed would not have been like their peers, and sought greener pasteurs.

Sorry, doesn't fly. Who's to say that if we had double the number of youngsters we wouldn't still have a similar problem?

Odd, too, how you god botheres often accuse atheists of seeing humans as nothing other than machines (we don't), but never notice your own worldview sees woman as nothing but baby factories.

Andrei said...

notice your own worldview sees woman as nothing but baby factories.

I see that you have commented on the Elton John Post.

What did that man and his partner do if not to pay a woman to be a baby factory to manufacture a child for them so they could indulger their fantasy of being a "family"

Anonymous said...

oops, looks like you've been skewered by one of your own.

Lucia Maria said...


Looks like you spoke too soon.

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