Monday, January 31, 2011

ZenTiger Australia Week

The Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon has called for Australia Day holiday to last an entire week. Oh, sure there would be some collective bargaining and the odd strike to sort out the details, and presumably pubs would remain open with free beer, whilst bar staff were paid triple time - but they are just minor details.

The point is that Unions are there to do more than worry about what goes on at work. They need to worry about what goes on outside of work. Not to mention that Melbourne Cup Day may eclipse Australia Day celebrations, so it's important to be pushing the envelope and ensuring the hierarchy of holidays is correctly maintained.

With a bit of forward planning, Australia may also be able to mark out the month of Ramadan as the official cure to a week of feasting, partying and drinking.

From New Zealand's point of view, it's a nice bit of one-upmanship. Whilst we debate the merits of getting ANZAC and Waitangi day off on the Monday, if it falls on a Sunday, the Aussies go for a whole week off. We'll never catch up unless we leap ahead. Why don't we declare that the year 2040 will be an annual year off for every-one?

I wonder if any Unions in NZ need some extra publicity? It can't be long before Matt McCarten or Andrew Little suggests New Zealand closes down for the Rugby World Cup.

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