Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucia Friday night free for all

It's Christmas again.

Chat time for anyone not busy celebrating.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lucia,

QUIET Night in North Canty, juast sorting my 4500 downloaded eBooks and wondering why original sin exists after the flood,

Ciaron said...

Hmmm. might pop back later.

Lucia Maria said...


Quiet night, therefore you want a theological discussion?

Hi Ciaron!

Back why original sin exists after the flood ... well, man wasn't created from scratch at that point. Noah and his family lived, therefore continued the human race.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all.

LRO, are you talking about the looting in Rockhampton? That was a bit of a shock. I had a quick look at the Bangkok Post, as one would when checking on Australian affairs.

Andrei said...

Evening all ; Christ is Born

Get this the YWCA in England has a new name "Platform 51" according to them ‘it no longer stands for who we are’.

ZenTiger said...

They don't want to promote Christian values I guess. They didn't even pick a particularly good name.

Platform, because, well, it worked for shoes and trains.

51, because 51 percent of people are female, apparently. I guess if they expand into China, they might decide to call themselves Platform 80.

Because 80% of aborts are female.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Andrei,

Glad you could make it. I hope your day was full of the graces that the Christ child brings.

Andrei said...

Thanx Lucyna;

I'm exhausted, off to bed in a minute.

A lady at Church was talking about Elton John - she reckons the baby was deliberately bought into this world on Christmas Day, a baby without a mother (he actually has two the egg donor and the surrogate) and that this is some sort of parody of the incarnation.

I wonder?

ZenTiger said...

Maybe Elton and David are about to reveal a third magi in the partnership?

Lucia Maria said...


It wouldn't surprise me. We don't have any details on whether the birth was natural or induced or c-section, so a planned Christmas birth is not out of the question. It's that getting all the details "just right", even to planning the child, just wouldn't surprise me at all.

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