Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucia The Vatican and Communism

A number of years ago, I wrote a post for Sir Humphrey's which included the quote below.  After finally finding it again for a comment made on Crusader Rabbit, I've now also found the source, which deals with the dealings of the Vatican with Communism.

Here's the quote showing how much of a threat the Soviets considered Roman Catholicism:
'We Communists feel pretty sure we can triumph over London capitalism but Rome will prove a harder nut to crack. If Rome did not exist, we would be able to deal with all the various brands of Christianity. They would all finally capitulate before us. Without Rome, religion would die.'
~ Chicherin, Foreign Minister of the USSR in 1925, in a comment made to the Apostolic Delegate, Mons Michel d'Herbigny, from The Vatican and the Red Flag: the struggle for the soul of Eastern Europe by Jonathan Luxmoore, Jolanta Babiuch.

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