Saturday, January 29, 2011

ZenTiger You never know where life might lead you

And surely it's better than being killed before your first step? Well, there are a group of people in our society that would strongly debate that concept. They can be quite pushy about it too, and one of their best arguments could be "Would you want me as a parent if I had wanted to kill you?"

But the reality is not all mothers facing abortion think that way. They may be letting others think for them. They may simply make a bad decision or a poor choice, based on a variety of factors that make them feel they have no choice. The irony, I suspect, of being pro-choice is that this is demanded because they feel they have none. I say irony also, because you can never be free of the consequences of some decisions.

Equally, the reality of taking on board such responsibility (looking after a baby) without the capability to manage it, without emotional and financial support can be (I imagine) absolutely crushing. Maybe society has to change for the abortion numbers to change. What would that change look like?

This is why it is so important to have these discussions in the public arena, and so I urge you to consider checking out the current 2011 Prolife NZ Tour. It's on the road right now, so check out the web site and expose yourself to some deep and meaningful thinking. Hear first hand some amazing and thought provoking stories, and spend a bit of time wondering what life is all about. Maybe just heal a little, feel a little and get real a little.

2011 Prolife NZ Tour is happening right now

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Andrei said...

Found a use for Face book

Signed up already and passed it on

ZenTiger said...


Faye said...

The abortion laws aren't going to be changed any time soon so your stupid pro loser tour will achieve nothing.

ZenTiger said...

Just arrived from Philadelphia then?

scrubone said...

Just so long as they are enforced as intended Faye, as you full well know.

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