Friday, January 21, 2011

ZenTiger This really is the Pitts

The bias continues with the latest rant from William Rivers Pitt, NYT
So let me get this straight.

Twenty people were gunned down at a supermarket in Arizona on Saturday. Six were killed, including a nine-year-old girl. Fourteen others were wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was the main target of the attack, and who was shot through the head. She is currently lying in a hospital bed with half of her skull removed because brain swelling from her bullet wound could kill her.

Twenty people shot.
Six killed.
Fourteen wounded.
And guess what?

It appears Sarah Palin is the principal victim of the shooting.

No, really.
And then his article goes on to make out Sarah is pretending to be the victim, and it should be all about the real victims.

So William, I'll help you get it straight.

Twenty people shot.
Six killed.
Fourteen wounded.

By a lone gunman with no connection to Sarah Palin
And guess what?

You and your friends point the finger at the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin. Articles written about it, media stories run before any investigation as to the motives and affiliations of the gunman. When Sarah offered her condolences and then stayed silent for a few days, your friends were saying "Why is she silent"?

Yes, why should some-one accused of being to blame remain silent? Much better if they just sit back and let you and your colleagues do your hatchet work without interruption from your script.

So wen the accusations continued unabated, Sarah replied, with this video. You say it makes her out to be a victim, others who watch it thinks it it was a well balanced response to the slander and libel taking place at a time when you now want to remember the victims. Maybe you and your colleagues should have put the victims first, before launching your public lynch mob reporting?

This continual tag team approach deserves to be highlighted and taken apart. You want to level your accusations and hope that your target, Sarah Palin just shuts up so the slander and libel can take hold. If she speaks up, then you spend your column inches attacking her for defending herself. You are insane.

If a decent reporter was concerned with the victims, maybe they would have investigated the shooter by now? Or was it not worth doing when it became evident there was nothing to link him to Sarah Palin? Is that the your only criteria for investigating a mass murder?

You've all been too busy writing columns and columns about Sarah Palin, or tweeting that she should die, or ignoring the many examples of similar rhetoric of the Democrats in the last election, we have seen nothing substantial about the shooter and his motives.

Obama urges you and his voters to bring a gun to a fight, if you think the enemy has a knife. Those kind of fighting words are fine for you, but any Republican that uses a metaphor is to blame? Seems like the left wing media haven't changed - preferred method of character assassination, poisoned quills.

A summary of the events

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Anonymous said...

Why the fixation here with Palin?

Surely by now you can see she is emptier than a vaccuum?

Meantime, 80% of Americans think that prayer has "saved" Giffords - no word about why the others had die...

How odd of god to be reactive, not proactive.

ZenTiger said...

The fixation is with the media bias.

MK said...

"Why the fixation here with Palin?"

Good question, you should really visit some leftist blogs in America and ask. But i'm sure it'll be easier to just keep hating and smearing won't it.

scrubone said...

"Surely by now you can see she is emptier than a vaccuum?"

I particularly like the one where the guys who nicked her book lectured her with legal advice they hadn't read.

scrubone said...

How odd of god to be reactive, not proactive.

Well, as you know man rebelled against God setting himself up as equal and effectivly saying that he did not want God. So God has no reason to act proactivly, as this would hide the effects of man's own decision(s).

But once man has seen the results of saying "get out of my life God", he is gracious enough to get involved. Of course sometimes people just get better anyway.

Nice use of irony though. Why the fixation with God?

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