Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andrei Poor Sir Elton John

Oh woe, are his civil rights are being violated?.
Sir Elton John is "fed up" with being a treated like a "second-class citizen" in the U.S.
So what might be required to fix it?
"In this country, we need more dialogue," he said during an interview Friday. "We don't need any more stone throwing. We don't need any more vitriol. We need people to say, 'OK. I'm straight. You're gay. Let's get along. I'm Republican. You're Democratic. Let's work together.' I'm sick and tired of people being hateful to each other in this country."
Fair enough but then Sir Elton goes on to chuck a few stones of his own.
"Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and their own spirituality," said John. "The big difference is that the dogma of the church can be so hateful and divisive. It's stuck in the Stone Age. We don't live in the Stone Age anymore. The church is losing people left, right and centre because people are fed up with the rhetoric that they're giving them."

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Acolyte of Saint Diego Maradona said...

With the west caving into liberalism eventually the sodomites will get their way and be able to get "married" But what then? Because they will find that despite all this their actions are still sinful and wrong and they will need new battles to fight to try and dull their consciences with.

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