Monday, January 17, 2011

Andrei Monday morning blues and another dead baby

A contemporary New Zealand horror: Man charged over baby's death so common now that we read the report, sigh and move on.

There is very little detail in the story but when they emerge its a pound to a penny that the usual factors will be evident.

For forty years Governments have enacted policies which undermine the raising of children in families, undermined marriage while the modern conformation of "sexuality" and sexual freedom has trumped the importance of sex in procreation.

The result fewer children are born (17000+ murdered in the womb last year alone) and a large proportion of those who are are born into highly dysfunctional environments.

As a culture we have turned our back on the importance of raising children in traditional family units, often sneering at such arrangements and as a consequence we are sliding back into barbarism as evidenced in the story linked above.

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Matthew said...

Andrei, absolutely well expressed. I was talking to an eminent Christian who is well in his eighties last week. He strongly believes that we are indeed in the last days just preceding Christ's Second Coming; this period of time you will no doubt be aware of as a time of great evil on the face of the earth. Murders like this are evidence of that.

JJ said...

Personally I draw a direct co-relation between child homicide and abortion. Our society is evil, like the barbaric pagan societys of ancient times that performed child sacrifices to their heathen gods. We are no different.

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