Saturday, January 15, 2011

ZenTiger The Uncivil War

The American progressives are losing it. They demand greater civility in political dialogue, and then get caught out being most uncivil.

First they try to blame the Tea Party, by leaping in with wild speculation before the blood from Jared Loughner's gun has even dried. Then they accuse Palin of inciting murder, because of campaign map icons. Bulls-eyes on the targeted states for a political campaign! Oops, sorry, it was the Democrats who used the bulls-eye. An easy mistake to make.

And if incitement to murder was as bad as the Democrats say, why do so many of them own "Kill Bush" T-Shirts, or tweet "Some-one needs to kill Sarah Palin? These are not isolated incidents, Sarah Palin has racked up hundreds of death threats against her. And this most uncivil discourse is only encouraging more, and all based on fabricated progressive-hype. This report from the Wall Street Journal sums it up:

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