Saturday, January 22, 2011

ZenTiger If its my problem, give me the power to fix it

"It's our problem"

I don't think I need to verify the countless editorials and statements from politicians and a dozen or so child care agencies that describe the extreme cases of child abuse that make our papers with all too much frequency.

If it is "our problem", then that makes me part owner. If I'm supposed to acknowledge that the conduct of strangers is my problem, then all I ask is the political power to solve it. If you lay this problem at my feet, then alright, I'll give it a go. John Key, step aside. Get the paperwork ready, cross out this nonesense about requiring a mandate from the people, because these editorials have most assuredly given me the mandate. And if I'm not going to get the power to fix other people's issues - then stop telling me it's MY problem. That's just playing the blame game, and you are pointing your fingers at the wrong people.

For that matter, the government is also the wrong crowd to fix this issue. They've had years, and the problem has just got worse. If it's not the actual people doing it, and it's not the people that have nothing to do with it, then that leaves the people that say they are fixing it - the government.

Right, they've tried, they've failed, and now its time for them to step back and get out of the picture.

Don't believe me? Just the other day a young girl was hospitalised for what has been described as torture. And not just 5 minutes with an angry drunk, but long, drawn out, over many years kind of torture (allegedly). Apparently, 12 (that's TWELVE) agencies have come in contact with this girl and her family over the period of abuse and up until recently, they all completely failed to protect her and sort out the dysfunctional family. By most accounts, they didn't even twig to the reasons for the bruises, the fear, the bullshit stories by the parents.

Actually, that's not quite true. At one point they became suspicious, so took her away from the family temporarily and put her in with some relatives. Who sexually abused her. Then they gave her back to the family that (allegedly) tortured her, and then wrote to John Key for help.

That level of failure is so impressive, one would have to conclude the government and all its agencies is spectacularly bad at what it is supposed to do. We can verify it by, err, reading the newspaper. I therefore withdraw all my support for the government to be involved in child protection services. I don't think they are up for the job. Let's figure out another way.

Don't like my assessment? Well, then stop telling me it's my problem and go back to watching the train wreck.

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