Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fletch Who Are The Real "Haters"?

After the recent tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gifford in the US and the subsequent attack by Liberals on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the Right (which had nothing to do with it), Michelle Malkin has put together a little 'Illustrated Primer" (a link to which Zen has also given in a post below) looking back ten years that shows who the real haters are. It's not the Conservatives, who are only standing up for the Constitution and their morals rights: no, it is the progressive Left who cannot seem to contain their hate, but must express it in images like the one shown here for example, an image sold on Getty (now withdrawn) of someone pointing a rifle at Sarah Palin and her daughter, and the infamous "Abort Sarah Palin" stickers.

The ultimate in hypocrisy.

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scrubone said...

Someone made a video of all the hate tweets.

It's received a 24hr takedown notice.

MathewK said...

" is the progressive Left who cannot seem to contain their hate..."

And not just that, they cannot contain their need to crush all dissent and impose their soft-fascism upon peaceful, law abiding people over the actions of a lone extremist.

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