Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ZenTiger With egos this big, who would notice the bruise?

You woulda thought that with egos that big, a small bruise would be barely noticeable. But one of these bruised egos declares that Ricky Gervais will never work in Hollywood again. I guess every cloud has a silver lining, or do I mean every silver lining has a cloud?

So Redbaiter found a few of his one liners, and I thought they worked. Well, maybe to the TV audience, but the live audience oscillated between deadly quiet, and making those gasps they practice for finding a loved one completely dead in the opening scene.

They were no doubt all set for an enjoyable night of Bush, Palin and Tea Party mockery and they accidentally put a Brit on the stage. Whoops. You know those Brits, no class. Probably came from jersey-side or maybe New Brunswick. I hear that's a Northern State of America where the immigration issues aren't nearly as bad as in Arizona. Say, when can we have more of those Tea Party jokes? Maybe next year they can get Sheen and Downey? I don't think they are Tea Party, more like Teetotaler (before breakfast).

I found a couple of positive reports.
Some celebs loved it: Alec Baldwin wiped tears from his eyes while Robert De Niro cackled at a particularly vile Hugh Hefner joke. This morning, CNN host Piers Morgan tweeted this pearl of wisdom: “Complaining that Ricky Gervais was too rude is like inviting a shark to your pool & moaning when it bites the kids.”
So I wonder if they'll find this completely unrelated video clip (coming up in the link), as funny as I did. It's something to do with those Liberals wanting more Tea Party jokes: [Link Oh, shut up!]

Canadian Globe and Mail on Ricky horsing around at the G-G awards

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