Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lucia Analysis of sexual abuse of children by priests has huge ramifications for society

Over the last decade or so, the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests has been big news. Many people believe that celibacy is the problem, or that there is something intrinsic in Catholicism that allows such a terrible crime against children to occur. However, an American report looking into the issue has uncovered the real problem - the sexual revolution - is what is more likely to have changed society's views on sex and therefore made it far more likely that children will be abused.

In other words, if you think the Catholic Church has a problem, it's nothing in comparison to everyone else. As Weigel says,

It would be a good thing for the entire society, however, if the defenders of the sexual revolution would take seriously the question of the relationship between their commitment to lifestyle libertinism and this plague. If the John Jay study on the “causes ands context” of clerical-sexual-abuse problems in the Catholic Church prompts a broader public reflection on the fact that the sexual revolution has not been, and is not, cost-free, and that its victims are often the vulnerable young, then the Church will have done all of American society a signal service in commissioning this study that looks into its own heart of darkness.
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Anonymous said...

But lucia, we are always being told that only religion makes us good, without religion we are simply animals acting on our base desires.

So how are these religious leaders unable to be good? Doesmn't their religion, their god, strengthen them? No, it excuses them.

This is simply another attempt by church elders to squirm and wriggle out of accepting responsibility, their utter failure to be accountable and to hold their co-religionists to account. It is blame shifting.

its about time they manned up.

But why should we expect any less?

The RC church has redefined paedophilia to be only with those under 11, whereas everyone esle accepts up to the age of 13. Why? So they can hide the extent of paedophilia in the church.

Here is a wondrous evisceration of the church's lies -

Lucia Maria said...


Every person has the capacity to be a saint or be a demon, it's all a matter of free will. The closer one gets to God, the purer one has to be. If vices are not dealt with, then they build up until a person becomes a slave to their baser nature. Priests are not exempt from this, in fact, they, more than anyone else, need to work very, very hard in this respect because of the increased hatred the devil has for them, and the more subtle temptations and snares sent their way.

Do you know, I thought of you when I read the following article: What We All Know--And Why We Can't Not Know That We Know It

Specifically, this paragraph:

The most troubling of all reasons why people don't always seem to know what they "can't not know" is that we sometimes work very hard to convince ourselves that we don't know what we really do know. We are trying not to let their guilty knowledge rise to the surface, not to think about it, not to draw its implications -- because it would accuse us. The suppression of guilty knowledge takes a lot of energy, and a whole set of symptoms betray the effort. I may compulsively confess, to everyone who will listen, every sordid detail of what I did except that it was wrong. Or I may pour myself into constructing elaborate excuses for it. Or I may ruin my own life and destroy my relationships in a false bid for atonement -- paying pain after pain, price after price, all because I refuse to pay the one price demanded, a contrite and broken heart.

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