Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lucia A Bishop in Australia has been removed from his position by Rome

Looks like the time of teaching by example and gentle persuasion is over, as an Australian Catholic Bishop has been removed from his position (enforced early retirement) for teaching and supporting heresy.
THE Catholic Bishop of Toowoomba, William Morris, has been effectively sacked by Pope Benedict XVI over doctrinal disobedience for his support for ordaining women priests and other liberal reform.

Considering that a wide range of ideas has been tolerated to a certain extent in Catholicism over recent decades, leaving Bishops, Priests, Nuns and lay people to think that anything goes, Rome is far away. Except, Rome is not that far away as this ex-Bishop found out.

This should send ripples of shock throughout New Zealand Catholicism, we who consider ourselves the furthest away from Rome...

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Andrei said...

Ordaining women is both unscriptural and has never occurred within our shared Church tradition.

It is a recent innovation amongst protestants and one that empties Churches - which is not surprising since many, not all of those women who seek ordination are gender warriors, with that agenda rather than having a true religious vocation.

Lucia Maria said...


Even the idea of women "priets" certainly empties out churches. All of these liberal concepts (in my experience) are accompanied by spiritual nausea, a sure sign that something unnatural is at work.

Chris from Greerton said...

This is good. It always amuses me when you hear the media claiming that catholics are clamouring for 'reform' when the only reform that these enemies of the faith really want is the church to stop existing. Christ will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Chris, you're right. Reform is coming from the aging hippies that should have just left, rather than trying to destroy us from the inside. Not that they would ever succeed, but they've come very close!

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