Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lucia The Pope and Western Civilisation

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William Stout said...

Spot on analyses of the situation as it stands in the West today. I sincerely believe that evil is loose in the world and that most churches are ill prepared to fight it. Pastors have sunk to preaching that God is love and that there are no consequences for sin, and that Lucifer is only an allegory. I recall the letters that John wrote while on the Isle of Patmos at the command of Christ, and I remember what those letters said to the churches of that time. More than one thousand years have passed and the situation has not changed.

I doubt that we can stop the collapse at this point because the public no longer possesses the will to overcome the descent of society. Inertia will likely propel the West for possibly a century or two before it collapses like a house of cards. Like Rome, the West has lost its moral compass and is now upon the path of self destruction.

Our core will putrefy and that corruption will then attack the rest of the structure. Outside the West will seem invulnerable and imposing, but the first strong wind will topple it as it did the Romans.

Lucia Maria said...


Yeah, I fear you are correct that our civilisation won't last for much longer. I suppose for anyone alive today, a century or two doesn't really matter, but then what type of world will our great-grandchildren be left with?

In the meantime, I personally think the Internet is almost like the old Rome was for Christianity. It will allow for the maximum spread of the Gospel to all the far flung reaches of the world until the inevitable collapse.

Matthew said...

Two great comments, William and Lucia. Really, they are well written observations.

I often wonder what world my great-grandchildren will face and among other thoughts one effort I can make is for myself and my wife to train our children in the path of holiness, love of the Lord and the fear of the Lord. As parents this is not only our right, it is our responsibility. Even at the age of three my son has the clear idea of the concepts of good, bad/evil, who God is, who Jesus is and what his conscience is. In addition, our older daughter, aged 6, has a clear idea on the concept of the atonement, Christ's substitutionary sacrifice on the cross, why the resurrection matters, heaven, hell, the day of Judgement for the unrepentent, the origin of sin and much more. While we can't have a cast iron guarantee that our children will follow Christ all their lives, at the same time it is true to say that these concepts and principles are not foreign to her; indeed they are as familiar and real to her as the idea of a mum and dad or going to school are.

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