Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andrei It's all the missionary's fault

More leftist rewriting of history in a new report that lays the blame for the ghastly amount of abuse of Maori children at the feet of European missionaries.
Prior to Europeans arriving, the report says children were considered gifts from the gods and whanau shunned child abuse.

The researchers suggested abuse arose only after Maori were introduced to corporal punishment in missionary-run classrooms.

If that be so, I humbly ask, why not even higher rates amongst those of European descent with their even longer traditions, presumably, of beating children.

Of course it isn't so. The savagery and barbarity of pre-European Maori culture is well attested to. And while 19th century methods of raising children seem to us overly cruel and harsh they did not lead to the phenomena of angry boyfriends taking their frustrations out upon their girlfriend's infants of another father, the usual scenario in the most frightful of cases.

Link: Research debunks Maori abuse

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Anonymous said...

Whats the bet this drivel was written by guilt ridden white liberals. Cowards.

scrubone said...

Interesting debate on Morning Report this morning.

Apparently the whole "treasured" thing only applied in cases of chiefs or commoners. Slaves' kids were fair game for horrific abuse, including child prostitution.

So the entire case falls down flat on it's face - some children were abused then, some are abused now.

In other words, this "research" has all the hallmarks of quality that we've come to expect from research on child discipline.

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