Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andrei The merits of hanging our enemies in chains

It is inevitable that conspiracy theories would spring up around the demise of the late Osama bin Laden. I actually thought he had died years ago until news of his passing hit the aether.

You would think that the White House would manage the release of his passing in a straight forward manner, one that leaves little room for doubts.

Instead they initially told us he had died in a fire fight, that he used his wife as a human shield, that she had died and so forth.

And now they are resiling from each of these details none of which are apparently true.

And each time the story changes, doubts grow - which will be grist to the mill for conspiracy theorists.

Whatever the real truth about all of this is, you would think that the Leader of the Free World and his advisors would get whatever story they want to peddle to the public sorted out before going live with it.

Now they are floundering over whether or not to release the post mortem pictures. And the administrations greatest triumph to date is becoming a reminder of that which has characterized it thus far and that is its indecisiveness..

Indeed I think he should have bought the corpse back to the USA and gibbited it, that is exposing it in a hanging cage in a prominent spot, leaving it to be pecked at by the birds and rot away in full public view.

This hasn't been done much in the Civilized West in the last hundred years, but happened in New Mexico around 1912 when six bandits were hung from Telegraph poles and there bodies left there until they rotted away while the last such event occurred in West Virginia in 1913.

This was done with El Duce after the second World War, although his body was removed, buried and and retrieved by his supporters

Nor is this un Islamic in Afghanistan Gibbiting in specially made cages was common during the 20th century, captured Russians, even some Moslem ones are known to have met this fate. And may still be in practice there.

The bodies of dead enemies have often been displayed in part to leave little doubt they are gone, Its undignified and appropriate to do this.

Instead of feeding the fishes of the Arabian Sea, the body should now be hanging in cage at ground zero, where all who want to see it can and it should remain there until it has rotted entirely away. Might seem barbaric but it would be mighty effective in ensuring the conspiracy theories containing the element of him still being alive would have no traction. And it would be cathartic for many people.

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