Monday, May 23, 2011

Andrei My what has Google done

If you leave a comment on our blog you will notice the sign on procedure has changed a little, probably for the better.

And maybe this is related to the massive outage Blogger suffered last week.

But then I went to Youtube, I had an account with YouTube long before it became part of Google's stable and when I went to sign in, it wouldn't let me sign in with my old username, it required from me the same sign in I use for Blogger, it had linked the accounts - which is fine I guess but it leaves me wondering what else has been linked that I don't know about. Old accounts to services I no longer use.

It all feels a bit big brotherish.

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Steve said...

Google merged accounts for Youtube years ago. Within a few months of them buying the service. Similar deal with Blogger and Orkut and every other service they have bought in the past few years. They merged the accounts not long after they bought the service.

In all instances, they have made no secret that the services old login system would be phased out over time. I am surprised you've managed to go this far without noticing. Do you not login to those other services too often and thus managed to stay down the priority list for the account mergers?

Yahoo! have done similar with all their services too. Flickr being the most obvious, but not the only, example.

It makes sense. It also allows you to control all the services you use and have access to from a single dashboard. Login to with your Google Account to see what I mean.

Andrei said...

Yes Steve, I just found my Dashboard, very curious
and it does remember stuff from years ago from services I once used before Google acquired them. Old signons principally, the same as my name here with suffixes because somebody had used my name before me.

Nothing to worry about though.

As for Youtube, that change just happened today.

Its all a single signon now

AS you say it is probably more convenient.

The thing that made me queasy was that information I provided to someone other than Google now is in Google's possession and has been linked without my say so.

I think this is a good change never the less, although I'm still slightly uncomfortable.

Andrei said...

Just to add - there has been a major change in the past few days, maybe today to do with this linking. Things are laid out differently which is visible who knows what else is under the covers

I assume the blogger profile will be the next to go merging with Google profile.

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